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The way it was

Sent in by a reader from the UK, a photograph - apparently from 1962 - of three men working on a large free standing ladder assembly.

It looks like they have connected two long wooden ladders, one with 39 rungs and one with 52 rungs or more, in order to create this monster free standing ladder that three men are working from to trim a 12 metre high hedge.
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A Death Wish - well yes - although it was probably a perfectly acceptable method for working at height at the time? However when it comes to work at height people continue to use risky or inappropriate equipment and take unnecessary risks.

As one veteran once said: “Nothing new under the sun.”

Have a safe weekend


Harry Sharp
Younger generations would just ask Siri or Alexa what the best solution is.

Aug 16, 2020

Crane lads
Graeme that's a good one lol. It may not be safe but that generation solved problems the generation coming through now can't do anything without looking at a screen can't think outside the box.

Aug 15, 2020

Graeme Davison
Is that a guy line from the ladders to a large lawn roller at the bottom of the picture to stop the ladders falling through the hedge ?
I gave my neighbour's bush a quick trim last week... it was a little overgrown but its a lot neater now ! I think she was pleased with the result..

Aug 14, 2020