More Fassis for Mobile Mini

UK portable accommodation and storage container rental company Mobile Mini UK has taken delivery of five 82 tonne/metre Fassi F820RA xhe-dynamic loader cranes, in an order worth more than £2.5 million.

Mounted on four axle Scania chassis, the F820RA can handle up to 22 tonnes at a 2.9 metre radius or 3,970kg at its maximum radius of 16.15 metres. Maximum tip height is 20.5 metres at which it can handle 6,800kg. The company says that the new cranes can set up in heavily built up areas more easily while their capacity makes double and triple stacking of units easier and safer.

Features include Fassi’s FSC-SII stability control system, while the Scania trucks have been fitted with Brigade HALO 360 degree video and sensor system as well as low-level cab windows for improved visibility and warning for vulnerable road users.
Mobile Mini UK claims to have one of the largest loader crane fleets in the country

Mobile Mini national transport manager, Andy Cowell, said: “This is a small part of our continual investment as a company, as well as in our transport model, that helps us to build on our strong reputation for service and safety excellence. Making regular improvements to our fleet is important to keep pace with customer and legislative demand and we are already looking ahead as far as 2022, especially when it comes to legislation surrounding inner city deliveries that require higher safety and emissions specifications. By adding larger cranes we are able to take more control over our full circle operations and look after the full process rather than contracting external suppliers, meaning the customer is always guaranteed Mobile Mini service standards.”
(L-R) L-R Mobile Mini UK driver Simon Teague with transport manager Andy Cowell and lifting operations manager Nick Sesevic

Mobile Mini was founded in the US in 1983 and has since expanded into Canada and the UK. Its UK division is based in Stockton on Tees and operates from 15 location with more than 40,000 site accommodation and secure storage cabins and a fleet of 62 delivery vehicles with capacities ranging from 31 to 82 tonne/metre.


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