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SPT moves into Australia

Chinese spider crane manufacturer SPT Cranes has appointed Jones Equipment Sales as its distributor for Australia.

Jones is based in Doyalson, New South Wales, due south of Newcastle. New to the crane market, it was set up around 15 years ago as Jones Equipment Hire/Jones Group and offers a range of directional ground drills and trenching equipment. It has also developed a used equipment sales business, buying, refurbishing and selling used drills and trucks and is now looking to extend its sales operation to new equipment distribution.

Director Mitch Jones said: “We are proud to be the new suppliers for the SPT Crawler Cranes here in Australia and are excited to be able to be including the new SPT199, the smallest model in our range. All our cranes have dual power diesel/ electric making it perfect with working indoors or confined areas. The safety features on all the models are second to none.”
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One of the first SPTs to arrive

The move follows SPT’s appointment late last year of Polish builders merchant and rental company Kleczewie which trades as Lift24. It will sell and rental SPT spider cranes over a large European territory that includes Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and the Ukraine.

Founded in 1999 the group is based in Grójec, south of Warsaw, and has been renting out Maeda spider cranes and various vacuum lifting equipment for the past two and half years. It claims to operate from eight locations in Poland. The Kleczewie business provides a wide range or windows, roof trusses and paint and also offers a turnkey installation service.
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The SPT plant in Henan, China

Established in 2015, SPT is a privately held company based in Shangqiu, Henan – south of Beijing and west of Shanghai. It produces a range of five spider cranes topped by the 8.5 tonne SPT 899 and is busy adding distributors overseas.