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Most similar crane certification directory

The NCCCO Foundation has launched the web based ‘The Most Similar Certifications Directory’ to help employers navigate OSHA’s new rules on crane operator qualifications.

The directory will help employers find the most appropriate operator certification for a particular crane, when no specific accredited certification is available for it. Chief executive Graham Brent said: “OSHA anticipated this service being needed when it included the provision in the operator qualifications rule that if no accredited testing agency offered a certification for a particular type of crane, an operator would be deemed qualified if he or she had been certified for the type that was most similar to the crane for which a certification was available, hence the name of the new directory.”

When OSHA declared that it was not in the best position to determine the various types of cranes for which certifications should be necessary, the NCCCO created the Crane Type Advisory Group committee of experienced crane professionals.

Brent added: “OSHA has stated it would be ‘unwise’ for the agency to consider a major change to the standard before the NCCCO Crane Type Advisory Group concluded its work. Over the past three years the Group has refined the process by which these very necessary determinations could be made.”
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The directory is simple and easy to use

A full listing of the ‘most similar’ determinations can be found at: The group will continue to meet regularly and ‘as needed’ in response to specific requests for determinations. Anyone not finding a particular type of crane in the directory can contact the committee at: [email protected].