Don Ahern in the news

Don Ahern, owner of telehandler manufacturer Xtreme Manufacturing and Snorkel, has hit the news this week after hosting a Trump rally at his hotel in Las Vegas.

The fuss is all about breaking Covid-19 rules and as a result the company has been fined $3,000 for Sunday’s rally and $10,000 for an earlier infraction. He is appealing against the fines.

Ahern hosted a press conference yesterday to explain the situation and respond to the coverage and issued a press release today. The local television news report is carried below, while Don Ahern, said: “As I mentioned last night, my family came to this great state in the 1800’s and landed in the Northern Nevada town of Fallon. I, myself, was born and raised right here in Las Vegas, and I’m a Nevadan through and through. I am also a proud American and believe that it is my patriotic duty to do what is right for our country, and what is right is supporting our great President, Donald J. Trump.”

“The decisions we make and actions we take are always with specific goals in mind. My goal was to continue the great American traditions of the right to assemble, and to free speech, which is no different than the thousands that are allowed to assemble at gaming tables, mask-less pool parties, and protests across the state.”

“I hope that we can come to an end of this activity now that our President has come and gone. I will not be answering any additional questions as we are currently involved in litigation. We understand that certain agencies and cities have a job to do. They are possibly being directed, but we respect everyone’s position in this situation.”


Damian Schuler
You can see from the likes and dislikes how divided the country is currently. My personal opinion: Well done, Don, Chapeau!

Nov 25, 2020

Speaks volumes about the guy. And none of them are good.

Sep 16, 2020

Always a bold move to align your company with a political party. But this was stepping it up another level.

Sep 16, 2020
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