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LoadLift from Penny

UK loader crane manufacturer Penny Hydraulics has launched its 100kg Lightweight LoadLift loading/unloading lift for vans or small trucks.

Weighing just 47kg, the Lightweight LoadLift can be installed within a delivery vehicle in order to lift items weighing up to 100kg, such as white goods, tote boxes, tool chests and components on platform, as an effective alternative to a tail lift.

The company says the new lift provides a compact lifting solution, while saving on the payload or footprint of the delivery vehicle. Features include remote controls, a 500 by 450mm lifting platform and 90 degrees of slew, while it can work on chassis floor heights of up to 800mm.
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Penny Hydraulics' new Lightweight LoadLift

Dan Casey, Penny Hydraulic marketing manager, said: “One in every three accidents at work are caused by manual handling. The Lightweight LoadLift helps prevent these manual handling injuries that can cost businesses upwards of £8,000, plus improve health and safety procedures all round.”
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The Lightweight Liftload works as an effective alternative to a tail lift


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