Three Raimondis for Mevaco

Belgian construction company Mevaco has taken delivery of three Raimondi MRT159 flat top tower cranes.

The MRT159 has a maximum jib length of 66.1 metres at which it can handle 1,815kg. The three cranes were dispatched to different projects, one being the construction of a substantial residential complex in Aalter, a village located between Ghent and Bruges, where it will remain until July 2021. It was installed with a 60 metre jib with a 2,200kg jib tip capacity, a 30kW hoist and the company's Deluxe R16 crane cabin.
Installing the Deluxe R16 crane cabin

Stijn Meerschman, Mevaco Bouwbedrijf’s technical director, said: “We purchased three Raimondi cranes to bring our range of heavy lift equipment to 21. Our decision to use Raimondi for the projects is due to the quality, craftsmanship and excellent value of the products from this Italian heritage manufacturer. The MRT159 working in Aalter perfectly fits the job site requirements. Indeed, considering the job site dimensions and the length of the project, we are looking at a crane that is reliable in terms of downtime, resistant to different temperatures and with good lifting capacity.”
The crane is still operational at temperatures as low as minus 20°C

Established in 1980, family run Mavaco is based in Aaltea, has around 70 employees and specialises in the construction and restoration of residential real estate.


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