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200 Genie booms for Gerken

German rental company Gerken has started taking delivery of 200 Genie XC - Xtra Capacity - telescopic boom lifts, which make up a €12 million order.
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The new Genie S-65XC TraX

The order includes models from 45ft to 135ft and includes the first tracked versions of the 65ft Genie S-65XC - the new Genie S-65XC TraX - plus several four metre supersized platforms.

All units offer Genies dual 300kg unrestricted, 450kg maximum platform capacities. Most of the new models also include the latest Stage V power units with ‘smart regeneration’ technology that proactively monitors the progression of soot build up in the engine’s Diesel Particulate Filter. These are also equipped with variable tilt sensing, which adjusts the platforms permitted working envelope based on the ground slope and capacity, restricting the machine’s range of motion based on the ground angle automatically cutting out certain lift and drive functions when the tilt activation setting is reached.
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Gerken marketing manager Lioba Herrmann said: “Our company puts a strong focus on guaranteeing its customers high quality equipment at all times. We also pride ourselves in offering the best of today’s latest technology. The workmanship of Genie machines is robust and reliable, and the technology is purposeful. The new Genie Stage V engine solution and its active regeneration system, the new Genie S-65 Trax boom lift and the four metre platform option are all good examples.”
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Lioba Herrmann

“The main benefit of Genie XC telescopic booms is their high lift capacity. For us however, the second decisive reason for our purchase is the performance of the chassis tilt sensor. With this new order, our customers throughout Germany will now find the solution with the higher lift capacity they need, as well as benefitting from faster machine availability.”