New Dica blocks

Dica USA has launched new Jack and Roll blocks designed to replace the use of scrap wood when blocking heavy equipment.

Developed in partnership with GKS Lifting and Moving Solutions, the new blocks are made of an engineered thermoplastic, weigh 11kg and offer a rated capacity of 20 tonnes per block. The company claims that the blocks are not only stronger than wood but do not crack or splinter.

Joy Johnson, DICA vice president sales & marketing, said: “In partnership with GKS, Dica is pleased to have the opportunity to manufacture a safer, more durable blocking solution for the industrial market. Made from engineered thermoplastic material, the new Jack and Roll Blocks are a highly durable and dependable solution guaranteed to never crack, splinter or rot.”
The Jack and Roll blocks from Dica

Benjamin Dobrowolski of GKS added: “Naturally, we looked to partner with an SC&RA member since they tend to have more expertise in the rigging marketplace. Dica USA has been replacing wood outrigger pads for years, so they were a natural choice to partner when creating a solution to replace wood blocking technology.”


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