UpRight podiums for One Stop

UK rental company One Stop Hire has taken delivery of eight Instant UpRight X400WS podium platforms from distributor Clow Group, which join seven units purchased earlier this year.

The X400WS offers a maximum working height of four metres and a platform capacity of 150kg. A gas spring system is used to incrementally adjust the platform height from 975mm to 1.9 metres while an anti-surf braking system automatically engages when in use.
One Stop has taken delivery of eight UpRight X400WS podium platforms

The addition of two rear foldout stabilisers provide a 12.5 metres per second wind rating and working footprint of 1.5 by 1.66 metres. Weighing just 230kg, it has an overall stowed height of 975mm and width of 720mm.
The X400WS offers incrementally platform heights of 975mm to 1.9 metres

Operations manager James Brown, said: “Our decision to choose the X400 was down to its compact size, manoeuvrability and gas spring powered height adjustment. It is also eco-friendly and with no hydraulic oil its incredibly low maintenance.”

One Stop Hire operates a range of construction equipment and tools from 12 locations throughout the north west of the UK.


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