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First AT5 Spierings for Finland

Finnish concrete and steelwork installation company Turun Elementtinostot has taken delivery of a Spierings SK599-AT5 mobile tower crane – the first five axle Spierings in the country.

The SK599-AT5 can lift its maximum capacity of nine tonnes at a radius of up to 12 metres. It can also handle 1,900kg at 50 metres radius and a height of 56.3 metres with the jib luffed to 30 degrees.

Weighing 60 tonnes, the crane can travel with all of its counter weight, jib sections and steel outrigger pads within 12 tonne axle loads. It can also be set up in around 10 minutes by a single operator making it ideal for taxi jobs and inner city applications.
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Turun’s new SK599-AT5 is the first five axle Spiering in Finland

Turun owner, Mika Karjalainen, said: "We were very impressed with the Spierings cranes from the first time we saw them. The cranes are very strong, reliable and easy to operate in any situation. After speaking to the people at Spierings we were convinced that we would get the spare parts, service and knowledge we need whenever we need them, despite the fact that we don’t have many cranes like this in Finland. Now after working with this beautifully overhauled crane for a few months we could not be more exited. We are looking forward to all the years to come with Spierings cranes."
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(L-R) Jeroen Kerkhoff of Spierings with Aki Karjalainen and Mika Karjalainen of Turun and Lucien van Schijndel of Spierings

Jeroen Kerkhoff, Spierings sales engineer for Scandinavia, added: “We have seen an enormous growth in Scandinavia the last five years. Especially Sweden and Denmark are picking up the Spierings concept. We see the same potential for Finland, where this concept is still quite new. We are happy and proud that Turun Elementtinostot is giving the experience to the local market and convincing the end customers of the mobile tower crane concept.”

Established in 1997, Turun Elementtinostot specialises in the installation and lifting of concrete elements and steel structures with its a fleet of All Terrain, tower and mobile self erecting tower cranes.