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Liebherr to introduce 700t crawler

We have received early details of Liebherr’s new 700 tonne LR 1700-1.0 lattice boom crawler crane which offers advantages of both the 600 tonne LR 1600/2 in terms of mobility and the LR 1750/2 in terms of capacities. It will replace the LR 600 of which around 200 units have been delivered during its 12 years in production. Eventually it will also replace the LR 1750. The first units should be ready to ship later this year.

Sharing similar boom and ballast components as the LR 1600/2, the company says it has completely redesigned the base machine to deliver between 10 and 15 percent more lifting capacity. In particular, the tracks are now more robust, with larger rollers to minimise wear when moving, while a four motor drive train is standard.

The crane features a 30 to 165 metre main boom, while its maximum under hook height of 196 metres is achieved with 96 metres of main boom and 102 metres of luffing jib. It is able to handle its full capacity at a radius of 8.5 metres and has a maximum radius of 160 metres.
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The new 700 tonne LR 1700-1.0 lattice boom crawler crane

In various configurations it is also able to outperform the 750 tonne LR 1750/2. For example, when fitted with 84 metres of main boom and 84 metres of luffing jib, the new LR 1700 can take 50 tonnes to a radius of 84 metres, whereas the LR 1750/2 can only handle 37 tonnes. When configured with a 102 metre main boom and a 12 metre luffing jib, often required for wind farm projects, it can also take around 144 tonnes out to a minimum radius of 18 metres, whereas the LR 1750 manages 123 tonnes at a minimum radius of 20 metres.
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The base machine has been completely redesigned to offer improved capacities

Its derrick boom can be extended from 36 to 42 metres and features the company’s V-frame, VarioTray and new ‘M-Wagon’ ballast trailer - which can also be used with the LR 1800-1.0 and LR 11000 - while its maximum derrick ballast is 375 tonnes.
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The LR 1700 uses many components to the LR 1600/2 (highlighted in yellow)

The company is expected to formally launch the new model next week and we will follow up with a more in depth review at that time as well as in the next Cranes & Access and Kran & Bühne magazines.

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