New Skyjack boom lifts

Skyjack will unveil upgrades to its 40/45ft telescopic boom lifts as well as new 45 and 60ft articulated booms later today - day two of its Skyworld event.

The new models are the SJ45T+ and SJ66T telescopics, which replace existing models with the same designation, while the two new articulated models are the SJ45AJ+, which replaces the SJ46AJ and SJ46AJ+, and the SJ60AJ+ which will replace the SJ51/SJ63 and SJ63AJ+.

The key change on the new boom lifts is the adoption of the company’s new SmarTorque axle type drive train with a high efficiency hydraulic system. This is able to harness the engine’s output more effectively, allowing the use of a smaller more efficient diesel, which does not require additional sensors, diesel particulate filters or DEF fluid. Performance is very similar to the models they replace, possibly with a little less ‘grunt’ for steepest slopes or stickiest mud. However the company used two years of real job site telematics input from hundreds of machines, in the design of the new machines, the first time that this has been able to do so and said that any reduction in tractive effort is less than 10 percent, while travel speed has been reduced to 2.5mph. A dual fuel Kubota engine option is also available for use with LPG.
The new SJ45AJ+

The driveline technology and approach are similar to that used with its updated telehandlers and new full size Rough Terrain scissor lift range. The two articulated models are said to be up to 20 percent lighter than the units they replace, although they offer a slightly lower working height. The SJ45AJ+ weighs 5,075kg compared to 5,990kg on the SJ46AJ+ while the SJ60AJ+ has an all up weight of 8,557kg - which compares with 10,235kg on the SJ63AJ+.

Platform capacities are 300kg on the SJ45J+ articulated boom while the new SJ60AJ+ - which replaces the 51 and 63 ft models - offers a 300kg unrestricted platform capacity with a maximum of 454kg. The new telescopics offer 272kg unrestricted with a 454kg maximum capacity. The first units should start to ship sometime next month.
The new SJ45T+

Product manager Corey Connolly said: “Skyjack’s SmarTorque optimises the gearing of our axle based system, along with a simplified, high efficiency hydraulics package. So that our new 40 and 60ft booms are able to employ less than 25hp engines to deliver the same on-site job performance as higher powered units. Engines have become much more complex and with requirements for more emission controlling devices (DOC DPF, and more). These devices and their impact on engine maintenance can quickly drive up the cost of ownership. Moving to a smaller engine avoids all of these associated costs.”

The following is a walk around video of the new boom line:

You can register for Skyworld at: www.skyjack.com/skyworld-live.


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