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Hanging out

Spotted by a reader in North London last month a man hanging out of a third floor window to clean the stonework above.
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Spot the man

The incident took place above a beauty shop in Belsize Park, near Hampstead in north London, UK. Having climbed out of the window the man was standing on the thin protective rails outside of the window, while holding on to the open sash of the window for dear life with one hand as he scrubbed the decorative stonework.

The rail he was standing could have given way or the window frame pulled out. Either of which would have caused him to fall the street some seven to eight metres below.
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A closer look

The point is when will people ever learn? This could have been done from a small truck mounted platform working from a parking bay? Or even a ladder. He could certainly have devised a safer access solution than this. It is obvious that the job will have lasted far longer than initially planned.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


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