Six new Groves for steel erector

Scottish steelwork contractor J & D Pierce has taken delivery of six Grove All Terrain cranes in the form of two 60 tonne GMK3060Ls, a 90 tonne GMK4090, two 100 tonne GMK4100L-1s and a 150 tonne GMK5150L.

The three axle GMK3060L and four axle GMK4100L-1 cranes have replaced four of the company’s five year old Grove models, while the four axle GMK4090 and five axle GMK5150L are pure additions. The 100 and 150 tonners went to work on the new Swansea Arena, while the 60 and 90 tonners travelled to Gateshead to work on a new distribution warehouse, involving the assembly of 11,000 tonnes of steel.
The six new cranes

Managing director Derek Pierce said: “Grove cranes have strong loads charts, long booms, are compact on site and operate quickly, which makes them ideal steel erecting cranes. Our cranes are on site almost all the time and there is never a lot of downtime — but if we do, on a rare occasion, have an issue, the service we get from Manitowoc is very good. We have a good relationship with the service team.”
The cranes pretty much went straight to work on arrival

J & D Pierce is based in Glengarnock - south west of Paisley - in Ayrshire. It bought its first Grove crane in 1997 and has gone on to purchase a further 12 further cranes. Currently, its fleet consists of all Grove cranes.


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