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Tadano to launch new 130t RT

Tadano has announced a new 118 tonne/130 ton two axle North American Rough Terrain crane - the GR-1300XL-4 - which fits between the current 120 tonne two axle GR-1200XL and the 160 tonne three axle GR 1600 XL.

The new crane features a six section 56 metre pinned main boom which is said to be the longest boom on any Rough Terrain crane in this class. The boom is topped by a 10.3 to 18 metre bi-fold swingaway extension which offsets from five to 40 degrees and offers an on board tip height of 76 metres.

Tadano’s ‘Smart Chart’ with variable asymmetrical outrigger set up and automatic monitoring is standard. The crane has an overall travel width of 3.3 metres with an overall length of 14.7 metres, while the 19.8 tonne counterweight can be self-installed or removed. The all up overall weight is 71.7 tonnes.
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The new Tadano GR-1300 XL

Power comes from a Cummins diesel driving a five speed transmission, with ‘Eco Mode’, fuel consumption monitor, and an automatic pump disconnect system which activates when functions are not selected after a pre-set period of time in order to save fuel.

The cab tilts up to 20 degrees for better view up the boom and includes a 10.4 inch multifunction touch screen display that can be used while wearing work gloves. The new crane is also equipped with the Tadano View System, a three camera arrangement that offers right front, rear and blind spot views to assist with safe crane operation and road/site travel. The crane also comes with Tadano’s Clearance Sonar system that integrates four proximity sensors into the rear fender of the crane to audibly and visually alert the operator of any obstacles behind, while also serving as a blind spot warning system. Tadano’s Hello Net telematics suite is also standard.
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The new Tadano GR-1300 XL features a 56m boom plus 18m extension


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