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New Tadano truck mounts

In its second new product announcement this week, Tadano has launched its 50 tonne HK 4.050-1 and 70 tonne HK 4.070-1 truck cranes mounted on commercial chassis which offer improved manoeuvrability, variable outriggers and other technical updates.
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Replacing the HK 40 and HK 70, the move is part of a strategy by the manufacturer to stimulate the truck mounted crane market which might see it provide an extended line up of road going cranes with lower axle loads, a simpler drive train and higher sustained travel speeds for the taxi crane market. They both follow Tadano’s twin engine approach with Stage V Mercedes or Cummins power in the superstructure, while the lower engine depends on the chassis selected.
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The HK 4.050-1

Both can travel in working configuration at gross vehicle weights as little as 32 tonnes, avoiding the need for additional road permits in most European countries. The HK 4.050 can also carry up to 4.5 tonnes of counterweight at this level.

The HK 4.050 has an overall length of 11.1 metres, while the HK 4.070 model is 11.8 metres. Both have an overall width of 2.55 metres and are under four metres high. The front and fourth axle steer and feature super single tyres, while the second and third axles are mounted closer together in the centre of the chassis with dual truck tyres. The net result is a turning radius that is up to two metres smaller than their predecessors. The rear three axles all feature air suspension.
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The cranes can be mounted on Volvo or Scania chassis, while the HK 4.050 can also be ordered on Mercedes or MAN chasis, which are available on demand. It can also travel with its entire 8.5 tonnes of counterweight as well as its nine metre extension and blocks, within 12 tonne axle loads.

The HK 4.070 can carry 10.1 tonnes of counterweight. Moreover, both models can be supplied with an additional trailer for transporting the maximum counterweight, keeping axle loads below 10 tonnes.

The HK 4.050 features a 35.2 metre four section boom, while the HK 4.070-1 has a five section 41 metres, both can telescope loads and use a single telescope cylinder. Both have a nine metre swingaway extension, while the HK 4.070 also has the option of an 8.8 to 15.8 bi-fold swingaway extension which offsets by up to 40 degrees and takes the maximum tip height to 60 metres.
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The HK 4.050-1 on site note the variable outrigger lengths

The HK 4.050 can lift 7.6 tonnes at a radius of seven metres on its fully extended boom, and 4.2 tonnes at a radius of 20 metres. The HK 4.070 manages up to 55.6 tonnes at three metres with 10.1 tonnes of counterweight and 19.2 tonnes at an eight metre radius.

The outriggers are regular beam and jack, rather than the front swing out style that are relatively common on commercial mounted truck cranes. Extension is variable and asymmetric with automatic monitoring and load chart selection.
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The HK 4.070-1 at work

Product marketing manager Michael Klein said: “Building space keeps getting scarcer, so lots keep getting smaller and work sites keep getting narrower. Not to mention that construction keeps getting more and more expensive. Our cranes are a cost-effective alternative to the use of larger cranes at private building grounds, and their small size and intelligent asymmetrical outrigger system mean that they need very little space.”

“We use standard truck chassis from well known manufacturers for our truck-mounted cranes. This means that the drivetrain is less expensive and easier to maintain for our customers. Basically put, the cranes are unbeatable when it comes to maintenance and servicing.”
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The full spec superstructure cab


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