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Crane overturns onto roof - UPDATE

A construction worker was injured last Wednesday when a truck crane/boom truck overturned onto the roof of an occupied house in Washington, DC.

The crane, a 36 ton National Series 1500, was set up with fully extended outriggers and had around 36 metres of boom extended to lift building materials on to the roof of a new building when the load was reportedly dropped to quickly and stopped causing a dynamic load that was sufficient to tip the crane. The injured man was preparing to accept the load which it dropped, we understand that he was later released from hospital without serious injuries.
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Two occupants in the house next door to the construction site were checked over by paramedics and did not require treatment. We understand, but have no photographic evidence, that an initial attempt to recover the crane failed when the web slings/straps broke dropping the crane back onto the roof.

See below a tweet from the DC Fire and Emergency Services that includes a short video of the scene.

The following news bulletin shows the botched first recovery lift and updates from the scene


Nothing short of embarrassing. Where were the Indians all I could see were cowboys. Luckily nobody hurt.

Mar 25, 2021
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