AC 100 for Caba

Eurocaba 3000, part of Spanish crane rental and heavy haulage group Caba Elevación, has taken delivery of a 100 tonne Demag AC 100-4L All Terrain crane.

The four axle AC 100-4L has a 59.4 metre main boom, plus a 10 to 19 metre bi-fold swingaway extension with up to 40 degrees offset. It also has an eight metre insert which can be installed between the boom nose and the extension to create an additional 27 metres for a maximum tip height of 81.7 metres. Features include the company’s IC-1 Plus control system which automatically monitors each outrigger position to create a custom load chart.

Caba Elevación chief executive, Manuel Jose Guerrero Benitez, said: “The positive experiences that our partner companies have had with Tadano Demag cranes made it easy for us to decide on the AC 100-4L. In addition, we also have an older AC 100 from 2003 in our fleet that has proven to be extremely reliable over the years. Our co-workers are absolutely thrilled with this control system, so we really had to get our hands on one as well.”
Eurocaba 3000 takes delivery of its new 100 tonne Demag AC 100-4L

Based in Trujillanos, the Caba Elevación group consists of five companies - Grúas Pacheco, Grúas Victoria, Eurogrúas Parra, Grúas Guerrero and Eurocaba 3000 - which operate throughout the Extremadura region of western Spain. It has a fleet of All Terrain, crawler and loader cranes as well as a heavy haulage fleet.


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