Jaso goes flat top

Spanish crane manufacturer Jaso has announced plans of its first flat top tower cranes with the 200 tonne/metre J200 Series.

The series initially comprises of two models - not in the 200 tonne/metre class - the 12 tonne J200.12 and 10 tonne J200.10, both of which have a maximum radius/jib tip of 67.5 metres. A prototype of the new J200 was completed last month and is currently on test.

The J200.12 offers a maximum jib tip capacity of between 1.5 and 1.9 tonnes, depending on configuration, while the J200.10 offers up to two tonnes.
The new Jaso J200 flat top

The jib base length is 30 metres which can be increased in 2.5 metre increments. The counter jib tail swing with the full 68 metre jib is 14.9 metres, but this can be reduced to 12.9 metres for jib lengths of 52.5 metres or less. Counterweight slabs lay flat and are the same weights used to counterweight the bases of the manufacturer’s latest models.
Both models have a maximum jib lengths of 67.5 metres

The counterweight slabs are same used on Jaso’s standard counterweighted base

The 12 tonne model features a standard 60hp hoist with a maximum line speed of 152 metres a minute. An 88hp hoist is available with up to 225 metres a minute. Rope capacity on both is 1,378 metres, while the hoist drums can also be specified with Lebus grooving. The J200.10 has a smaller 33hp standard hoist, while the 60hp is optional.
Access from cab to counter jib and hoists is safe and easy

The cranes also feature a new Eco mode system. In normal mode the crane runs on full power, while switching to Eco mode reduces this to 75 percent of the power. A Super Eco mode cuts this to 50 percent, allowing the crane to work with a larger hoist option on sites with a limited power supply. The hoist up speeds are slowed in both Eco modes, although hook lowering speeds are unaffected.
The wide cab has excellent visibility

Both models can be installed on Jaso’s standard 1.75 x 1.75 metre tower system, in 12, six and three metre lengths. Maximum free standing height is 50.1 metres. Jaso is also working on installing the crane on the 2.16 metre tower system, which will allow heights of more than 73.4 metres. The base options include 4.5 x 4.5 or 6 x 6 metre cruciform type for maximum hook heights of 48.1 and 54 metres respectively. The heaviest component is the slewing platform complete with tower head which weighs 6.7 tonnes.
The J200 is mounted on the 1.75m square tower

The new flat top models are designed to meet standards and requirements for Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle East and the Americas.

The company is also working on updating its T series range of conventional saddle jib tower cranes, including its low top models, which combine the benefits of conventional and flat top designs. Demand from customers however has now prompted - or obliged it - to develop a flat top line up. It says that the 200 tonne metre sector represents around half of the flat top market and that this is on the rise. It adds that when it comes to 300 to 350 tonne/metre market and larger models, its H-Series low top models have significant advantages over a flat top design.


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