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Boom overturn on film shoot

A boom lift overturned yesterday during a Netflix shoot in Pasadena, California, with high wind gusts blamed for the incident.

A wind advisory/warning and more serious warnings were in effect in Los Angeles county at the time, with local weather reports indicating winds of 25 to 40mph and isolated gusts as high as 65mph.

The platform, a JLG Ultra Boom - possibly a 120ft 120SJP - was working from the street with the boom and jib almost fully extended when it overturned. The boom came down on to the roof of a two story home, injuring one person, but not too seriously. At this stage we do not know if there was anyone on the platform, nor whether the injured person was the operator, or someone in the house.
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We now know that there was no one in the basket, but it did contain a lighting rig which almost certainly created a sail effect which clearly caught the wind and caused the overturn. Although this has not been confirmed yet.


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