First Swiss LTM 1120-4.1

Swiss crane rental, moving and transport company Christen + Cie AG Biel has taken delivery of the first Liebherr LTM 1120-4.1 to arrive in the country.

Launched last year the four axle crane features a seven section 66 metre main boom, one of the longest on a four axle chassis. This is topped by a 10.8 to 19 metre bi-fold swingaway extension, which offsets by up to 40 degrees. A seven metre insert extends that to achieve the maximum tip height of more than 94 metres and a maximum radius of 64 metres. Features include the company’s VarioBallast and VarioBase systems.
One of the first jobs for the new crane was installing a tower crane

The crane’s operator Matthias Kofmel, said: “My new, more powerful crane with VarioBase needs less space on sites where space is limited than my previous 100 tonner, which was not actually a Liebherr machine. The crane enables me to move to a different site in a very short time and I can get it ready for use again quickly thanks to its very short set-up times. I can complete a lift and be ready to head out onto the road in around 20 minutes.”
Matthias Kofmel at the controls

Christen is based in Biel and was founded in 1882 as a horse and carriage haulage business. It employs around 20 staff and runs three mobile cranes and a number of loader cranes. In addition to its crane business, it carries out industrial moves, heavy transport and logistics.
The crane can be ready to travel in 20 minutes


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