Fatal crane incident in Sydney

We have only just learnt this week of a fatal crane incident that occurred in Sydney, Australia on January 27th.

Max Haywood, 59, was a carpenter, working on a barge at the wharf alongside the Anzac bridge in Sydney’s Inner West harbour. He was assisting with the salvage of an old yacht with a crawler crane working on a barge. The crane was in process of lifting the yacht from the water, when the boat and its mast parted company and the whole lot dropped crushing Haywood. He was said to have died instantly.
The crane involved in the incident courtesy SafeWork NSW

The barge was moored at the wharf occupied by Ability Barge Services and AWB. SafeWork NSW has investigated the incident but not issued a full report yet.
Max Haywood

Haywood leaves behind a wife and daughter, and friends have set up a GoFundMe page to raise fund to help them.

The following news bulletin from the week of the incident shows what happened in detail and highlights the facts of the incident:


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