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Lift barge tragedy

Lift boat/jack up barge capsizes with 12 feared dead, including at least one crane operator.

The Seacor Power jack up lift vessel overturned in rough seas on Tuesday afternoon off the coast of Louisiana. Six of the crew have been rescued so far, with one body found and 12 crew members still missing.
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Conditions are challenging - photo courtesy US Coastguard

A spokesman for the US Coastguard rescue team said: "We are giving it all we got but the conditions are challenging."

The 39 metre vessel overturned around eight miles out from Port Fourchon in winds of 80 to 90mph and in two to three metre swells. The vessel is equipped with two 170 tonne leg mounted cranes which have 36 metre booms, with pivot points six metres above deck.
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The Seacor Power

We can only hope that by some miracle more crew members will be found alive.

During the search four more bodies were found in the water, before it was eventually called off- eight men are still missing.