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UK mast climber fatality UPDATED

We have finally been able to categorically confirm that the fatal fall from height incident in Liverpool, UK, on Wednesday involved a mast climbing work platform.

It seems that a 53 year old man and his son, 17, were working from the platform alongside the high rise Unity Building when it dropped rapidly. It sounds from local witness reports that the emergency overspeed locks either came in late or failed. The incident occurred behind the scaffold screening/netting, so details are still vague. The man died from his injuries while his son is in hospital in a critical condition. We understand that the platform is not a western built model, but we have no confirmation of that.

The Health & Safety Executive confirmed that it was indeed a mast climber and that they are still investigating the incident. Developers Laing O'Rouke are working on the buildings at the moment, but we are not yet aware of its connection, if any, to the incident.

A spokeswoman said: "We can confirm there was an incident at the Unity Building yesterday afternoon. Our health and safety team is at the site and we and our sub-contractors will cooperate fully with the investigation into what happened."
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Unity Buildings are home to the Liverpool Football Club offices

We will of course update this item when we learn more.

UPDATE we have received the tragic news that the 17 year old son has now also died from the injuries he sustain in the incident.


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