Truck mount fatality

A man died, while another is seriously injured, following an incident with a truck mounted aerial work platform in Hawksbury, Ontario, Canada yesterday.

The two men were using the platform to change lights in a car park in the town, which is around 60 miles east of Ottawa, when it overturned. A photograph we have received shows an insulated truck mount operating with the riser left stowed horizontally, the lower boom almost fully elevated and the top boom horizontal. The outriggers do not appear to have been set. If this was the case, the machine would have been unstable, with the weight almost certainly falling outside of the machine’s centre of gravity.

Charles Sproule, 71, died at the scene, while his colleague, 34, was airlifted to hospital with serious injuries. Sproule worked for utility contractor Sproule Power Line Construction, while the injured man is employed by Stewart Electric. An investigation is underway.

We will update this if and when we learn more.


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