Palazzani upgrades XTJ 37+

Italian spider lift manufacturer Palazzani has upgraded its 37 metre Palazzani XTJ 37+ spider lift to include extendable tracks as standard.

Previously offering a fixed undercarriage width of 1.2 metres, it can now adjust its tracks from 1.2 to 1.5 metres in order to provide more stability on uneven ground and side slopes as well as improved safety when loading/unloading onto a trailer or delivery vehicle.

Palazzani said: “After having received various feedback and requests from our customers, we have finally decided to include the extendable track option on the XTJ 37+ model, which expands its range of applications and relieves the operator from all those thoughts related to the terrain, narrow spaces and instability.”
Palazzani's XTJ 37+ now comes with extendable tracks as standard

The XTJ 37+ offers a maximum outreach of 15.7 metres and a maximum platform capacity of 330kg. Features include 36 percent gradeability, the ability to set up on slopes up to 23 percent, multiple outrigger positions, a secondary guarding system and a ‘back to home’ stowing function.
The XTJ 37+ offers a 37 metre working height and a maximum outreach of 15.7 metres


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