Singapore bridge bashed

A truck driver, 37, was arrested on Friday in Singapore after he struck a pedestrian bridge with his improperly stowed loader crane. The impact ripped the crane from the chassis, leading to a complete road closure.

The police have confirmed that the truck belonged to Gim Sen Transportation Services and said that the operator had not stowed the crane properly so that the overall height of the vehicle was more than 4.5 metres, which generates the legal requirement for a police escort.
The scene as the clear up began

The transport company said that the driver was experienced, and has driven commercial vehicles in the city state for many years. He has been with Gim Sen for three months. We do know that one person suffered minor injuries but refused the offer of hospital treatment.

The pedestrian bridge was closed, subject to a structural safety check and was given the all clear, although it will remain closed while repairs are carried out. The police investigation is ongoing.


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