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New cranes from Link-Belt

US crane manufacturer Link-Belt has launched the new four axle 65 ton (59 tonne) 65|HT truck crane and started production on the 50 tonne TCC-550 telescopic crawler crane.

The 65|HT replaces the 60 ton HTC-8660 Series II and features a new four section 35 metre full power boom with Teflon wear pads that are said to eliminate the need for grease. This is topped by an 8.7 to 15.6 metre swingaway extension. Details are limited, but the crane is said to provide improved lifting capacities over its predecessor thanks to three optimised boom extension modes and an increased counterweight of 8,482kg. The crane has a transport weight of 29.5 tonnes when the counterweight is removed or 38 tonnes when left in situ. Power comes from a Cummins L9 engine.
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The new 65|HT replaces the HTC-8660 Series II

Operator controls, available in either a dual or single axis configuration, combine with Link-Belt’s Pulse operating system which displays the crane’s available capacity, wind speeds, boom length, angle and radius depending on its configuration. A Vision camera system provides greater visibility during travel, setup, and lifting, while an optional lighting package is also available. The carrier deck features durable textured and slip-resistant paint and is accessible from four areas.
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The 65|HT features a full power 35 metre main boom

The TCC-550 crawler crane features the same four section 35 metre full power boom as the 65|HT plus a 8.7 to 15.6 metre bi-fold swingaway extension, offsetable by two, 20 and 40 degrees, to offer a maximum tip height of 50 metres. It offers three tracks widths - 3.49, 4.12 and 4.63 metres - and two travel speeds up to 3.2kph.
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The TCC-550 telescopic crawler crane is now production ready

It can be transported on a single transport vehicle with a gross weight of just over 45 tonnes, including 11,340kg of counterweight. It features the same slip-resistant paint on the carrier and Vision camera system as the 65HT as well as a 360 degree lighting system and various fall arrest anchor points.
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It features the same 35 metre main boom

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Total transport weight is 45 tonnes fully loaded

The crane will make its debut at Link-Belt’s annual CraneFest in Lexington, Kentucky, with shipments scheduled for the fourth quarter.