Large crane overturn in the UK

A 1,000 tonne mobile crane overturned yesterday at the Port of Middlesbrough in the UK, damaging two other cranes.

The crane, which is owned and operated by Sarens, appears to be its 1,000 tonne Liebherr LTM 11000 D, with cable suspended telescopic boom. It was working with its lattice derrick boom installed when it went over, with the boom coming down onto the cab of one of Sarens' other All Terrain cranes, that was working alongside, while the back mast/derrick boom crashed into one of the port’s Gottwald mobile harbour cranes. The following photos are from a series of pictures that we have received from someone on site at the time.

The boom came down on the carrier cab of another Sarens crane

The back mast/derrick boom crashed into a mobile harbour crane

The port is operated by AV Dawson which confirmed that the crane was working for one of its tenants on site, and that no one was seriously injured in the incident. The emergency services were called and helped stem fuel and oil leaks from the cranes.
The fuel/oil spill was contained

We approached AV Dawson for a comment and have now received the following joint statement with Sarens Cranes: "At approximately 16:19 on Wednesday 9 June there was an incident on our quayside involving a Sarens crane working on behalf of a tenant on Port of Middlesbrough."

"We are thankful to report that there were no serious injuries, however, we can confirm two Sarens cranes and a mobile harbour crane sustained damage during the incident. Whilst the emergency services were called, all leakages from the cranes were contained and dealt with by our operational teams and the fire department."

"We take Health and Safety very seriously and carry out rigorous safety checks on all third parties operating on our site; we will now work closely with Sarens to support them through their internal and external investigations."


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