Demag/Tadano for Autaa

French rental company Autaa group has taken delivery of a 55 tonne Demag AC 55-3 and a 70 tonne Tadano ATF 70-G4 All Terrain crane.

The four axle ATF 70G-4 has a six section 52.1 metre main boom and a nine to 16 metre bi-fold swingaway, providing a tip height of more than 71 metres and maximum radius of 44 metres. The crane can travel with axle loads of 10 tonnes with 3.4 tonnes of counterweight, swingaway and hook block on board.
Autaa's 70 tonne ATF 70-G4

Managing director Lionel Autaa, said: “The boom length on the big Tadano ATF 70-G4, together with the impressive load chart, was what really ended up convincing us to get it. This delivers a level of performance that is simply unbeatable when it comes to our needs in that class.”
The company has also added a 55 tonne Demag AC 55-3 to its fleet

The AC 55-3 features a six section 50 metre main boom plus a 24 tonne runner extension. The boom can also be lowered five degrees below horizontal for easy rigging from the ground.

Autaa, added: “Its 50 metre boom,means that with its standard equipment it can take on a lot of lifts that competitors are unable to tackle without an extension.”

Established in 1964, Artix-based Autaa operates from eight locations throughout south west France and the greater Paris area. It has a fleet of 80 All Terrain cranes as well as a fleet of truck mounted aerial work platforms with working heights of between 40 and 90 metres. Last year, its subsidiary company MCM Groupe Autaa took delivery of a 650 tonne Demag CC 3800-1 lattice boom crawler crane.


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