Short rigged crane overturn

A truck mounted crane/boom truck overturned in Peterborough, New Hampshire, USA, on Friday, during a tree removal job.

In this case the tree was not to blame, it seems that the job was completed when the crane operator slewed round, forgetting that he had short rigged the outriggers on the opposite side to the lift, and of course over it went.
The crane had finished its job when it went over

The crane, a new looking Altec, had its boom cut into sections before a wrecker truck pulled it back upright. Thankfully no one was injured in the incident.
The boom had to be cut form the crane

A spokesman for the local fire department said that they were called later in the day when the recovery company decided to cut the boom off, just in case it started a fire.

In the words of the fire chief Ed Walker: “They summoned the fire department in case the metal cutting started a brush fire. It did, but it was quickly extinguished. The crew was able to remove the truck late in the evening, and the severed boom was retrieved the following day.”
photos courtesy of Peterborough Fire & Rescue


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