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Crane overturn in Germany

A large crane overturned while installing a tower crane in Boppard, south of Koblenz, Germany on Thursday.

The five axle 220 tonne crane owned by crane rental company BBL was installing one of its Wolff WK 5520 tower cranes alongside a school. It was lifting the back mast into place when it appears an outrigger shifted a little and the crane went over. It was carrying out the lift without counterweight and only basic cribbing. The operator escaped with a few scrapes and bruises.
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photo courtesy of Boppard Fire Department

The situation was made worse when two cranes tried to recover the stricken machine, starting with a tandem lift using web slings though the upper outrigger beams. One of the slings failed and the crane dropped narrowly missing two men who had been under the crane at the time, one escaping by the narrowest of margins.

The following video shows the scene after the first incident, a video of the recovery attempt is circulating on restricted social media forums, which for legal reasons we are unable to disclose.We can now publish the video of the failed recovery: see below:

The video showing the failed recovery and the narrow escape


Good Morning Mr Wood,

The overturned Mobile Crane depicted above is Incident number 1027 in my 14yrs of Research since Monday 070507.
There has been 833 Crane and Lifting Incidents since you and I had that lengthy discussion about Crane Safety in Edinburgh on Friday morning the 141011.

Therefore may I take this opportunity to repeat what I said to you on that Friday in Edinburgh.

Worker Safety is Important, Very Important and much too Important to leave it to chance.

Would you agree ?

Kind Regards
Mike Ponsonby

Jul 26, 2021

Web slings failed due overload ore due use of web slings with no sling protection on edges?

Jul 3, 2021