26 Sany RMGs for China

China’s port of Mawan, located near the border with Hong Kong, has purchased 26 Sany rail mounted gantry cranes.

The 41 tonne SRMG553101 provides a 31 metre span and can stack standard containers one over seven with a lifting height of 21.2 metres. It has lifting speeds of 60 metres a minutes, reduced to 30 metres a minute at full capacity. Features include ABB Vehicle Alignment System (VAS) with Target Position Sensor (TPS) and Load Position Sensor (LPS) systems for autonomous operations.
The port of Mawan has ordered 26 Sany rail mounted gantry cranes

The port has also started taking delivery of 18 automated container trucks from Sany as it looks to upgrade from a traditional bulk cargo terminal to a fully automated port.
It has also purchased 18 automated container trucks from Sany


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