Third AC City for Meier

German crane rental company Meier Kran has taken delivery of a 45 tonne Demag AC 45 City All Terrain crane.

Joining a 40 tonne AC 40 and 60 tonne AC 60 already in the company’s fleet, the AC 45 has a 31.2 metre main boom plus a 7.1 to 13 metre offsettable extension for a maximum tip height of 45 metres. The crane’s IC-1 Plus control and Flex Base systems automatically monitor the position of each outrigger to calculate the best available load chart. It will be predominately used indoors for industrial and overhead crane assembly projects.
Meier taking delivery of a 45 tonne Demag AC 45 City All Terrain crane

Managing director Rudolf Arnold, said: “For these kind of jobs, the runner, the short base section, and the Flex Base system in particular are absolutely invaluable. The latter makes it possible to extend the outriggers to any point within their available range, meaning that we can use asymmetrical outrigger configurations that take advantage of every single inch of available space.”
(L-R) Thomas Keckeis of Tadano and Rudolf Arnold of Meier Kran

Established in 1992, Meier Kran offers a fleet of 18 All Terrain, mobile self-erecting and loader cranes with capacities from 40 to 400 tonnes. The AC 45 City is the company’s 11th Demag crane along with numerous Tadano cranes. With locations in Rotthalmünster, Hutthurm, Neuötting, and Plattling the company operates throughout Bavaria and neighbouring Austria. It also offers heavy haulage and construction logistic services.


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