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If you are a regular user of our archive and news database, you will have noticed that photographs are no longer displayed on stories that are more than a year old, unless you register or log in.

There are a number of reasons for this change, which is part of an ongoing improvement and update programme. The good news is that if you were not already registered it is quick and easy to do, just click on the Login or Register button on the top right of the home page. There is no need for your life story, just name, email, password and any nickname – for if you would like to comment on a story. You can also tick a box to receive our email alerts that are sent out with major breaking news or when a new issue of Cranes & Access is ready to download.

One nice new feature when you log in allows you to choose to remain logged in for up to a month, so if the urge to comment arrives you can do so there and then, without having to go to the login area. The changes also incorporate several back end updates and improvements which should further improve the way Vertikal works.
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The database, which includes daily news dating back to 2001, remains totally free and accessible, and if you don’t want to register you still have all of the information – just without photographs. A second part of the upgrade is to install a new, more intuitive search function.

We have a number of other improvements in the pipeline and are always interested to hear your views or comments. So please do contact us with your ideas on how we can improve the service.

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