New boom for Tadano ATs

Tadano has announced the upgrade of its four and five axle cranes in the 100 to 120 tonne class.

Its four axle 100 tonne Tadano ATF-100-4.1 now becomes the 110 tonne AC 4.110-1 without requiring any changes to its overall weight, thanks to a new, stronger boom. The same boom has also been installed on the five axle 120 tonne ATF-120-5.1 - now the AC 5.120-1 - which can be configured with 10 tonne axle loads. The new model names reflect the latest nomenclature that is coming into play for all Tadano/Demag All Terrain cranes.
The new Tadano AC 4.110-1 and AC 5.120-1

Thanks to the new 60 metre boom both models can manage 10 tonnes on the fully extended boom at a four metre radius, a 37 percent increase over its predecessors, while offering a larger work area. The cranes retain the small minimum radius, thanks to an 84.7 degree maximum boom angle, making both cranes handy on tight work sites and working at greater heights. Both offer a 91.5 metre tip height.
The AC 4.110-1 is well suited to tight job sites

The upgraded models also benefit from an improved 10.1 to 17.4 metre bi-fold swingaway extension which can be extended to 31.9 metres and includes a short ‘runner’ option. Offset can be manual or hydraulic up to 60 degrees. The new models also retain the two engine drive trains with the same Mercedes Stage V diesels, ZF TraXon transmission with all wheel steer and four axle drive options. Over dimensions remain the same.
The AC 5.120-1 can travel with most of its equipment on board or achieve 10 tonne axle loads


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