Demag AC 45 for Autokrane Neu

German rental company Autokrane Neu has taken delivery of a new three axle 45 tonne Demag AC45 City

The AC 45 has a 31.2 metre main boom plus a 7.1 to 13 metre offsettable extension for a maximum tip height of 45 metres. It is also equipped with a short ‘runner’ extension with a 25 tonne capacity. The crane’s IC-1 Plus control and Flex Base systems automatically monitor the actual position of each outrigger to calculate the best available load chart. The crane’s main selling point is its compact dimensions, with an overall length of 8.69 metres, an overall width of 2.55 metres, and overall height of 3.16 metres.
(L-R) Benjamin Kufner and Christian Morres of Autokrane Neu with Michael Zieger of Tadano/Demag

Crane operator Christian Morres, who picked up the new crane from the Demag plant in Zweibrücken, said: “We’ve had an AC 40 City in our fleet for a long time now, and it’s done its job so well that we decided to get it some company in the form of an AC 45 City. We appreciate the crane’s ability to telescope under load and its Flex Base outrigger system, which makes it possible to extend the crane’s outriggers to any point within their range. This system is a major advantage at tight work sites in particular, as it enables the crane to extend its outriggers all the way to surrounding obstacles even when an asymmetrical configuration is required, so the crane can use its maximum possible lifting capacity in any situation.”

Managing director Wolfgang Trapp added: “The greatest strength of Demag City cranes is their combination of a super compact design and unbelievable performance and of course, the new AC 45 City is no exception. That makes it the perfect choice for us when it comes to indoor projects and assignments in dense urban areas in particular.”

Founded more than 50 years ago Autokrane Neu is based in Rottenburg am Neckar, south of Stuttgart in Baden Württemberg. The company runs a fleet of 10 cranes, mostly Liebherr, with capacities ranging from 40 to 250 tonnes.


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