Fassi adds telescopics

Italian loader crane manufacturer Fassi has launched a new telescopic loader crane aimed at the Asian market.

The new model, the XR710 has a maximum capacity of seven tonnes and is available with a choice of four or six section telescopic booms and thus named the XR714 – four section – and XR716 – six section. The last digit identifies the number of boom sections. Telescope is via classic hydraulic cylinders and cables fully enclosed within the boom.
The Fassi XR710 or in the case the XR716

The cranes have 360 degree slew with dual slew motors for smooth precise load handling, even when set up on a slope. An additional benefit is that dual drive reduces the stresses between transmitted the drive gears by up to 50 percent.
Dual motor drive slew is standard

Given that almost all lifts with telescopic loader cranes is via cable suspended hook and winch, the hoist is a core component, built into the slew column/post structure, between the structure’s side plates and just below the boom pivot point.
the winch is built into the slew post/column

The sub frame incorporates a ‘pendulum beam’ to better spread the stress on the chassis frame the outrigger system comes from the latest designs on other Fassi cranes. In order to cope with different preferences in the region there are two types of control panel, an elevated position with a seat mounted on the slew post, or chassis based control point.
the elevated controls

The XR710 is equipped with the Fassi FX200 load limiter with acoustic and visual warning signals, a winch limit switch system, hydro-piloted block valves and two halogen working lights as standard.


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