Yorkshire crane fire

A five axle All Terrain crane caught fire yesterday morning on the A64 road near Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, UK.
The initial blaze was ferocious

The fire occurred on the eastbound carriageway, but it ended up causing both sides to be closed for a while. The driver managed to exit his cab before the fire really took hold and was uninjured.
The damage to the crane was substantial and almost certainly terminal

The crane was recovered by two All Terrains from the Emsley Crane Hire fleet, but it left behind a substantial crater in the road which was due to be resurfaced overnight ready for reopening this morning.
The recovery begins...

...via a tandem lift

The fire left a substantial crater - Pictures courtesy Highways England

Highways England said: "A complex and protracted recovery operation is expected with resurfacing required following extensive fire damage to the carriageway. Resurfacing is scheduled to take place overnight.

Vertikal Comment

There seemed to have been lull in the number of All Terrain crane fires this year, hopefully this isn't the start of a new cluster.


'The damage was probably terminal...'


Aug 13, 2021

vertikal editor
Apologies to all yes a small typo after long hours completely changed the intended meaning

Aug 13, 2021

Given the typically shoddy quality of writing on this site, I think the Vertikal comment has just missed the ‘not’ from ‘…hopefully this is not…’

Aug 13, 2021

I think they mean: "this isn't".

Aug 13, 2021

Graeme Davison
I really don't understand the intent of the Vertikal Comment..why would you hope for more crane fires which would put people at risk ? What a stupid and irresponsible thing to write.. even if in jest !

Aug 13, 2021
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