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UK product marking delay

The UK government has delayed the deadline for applying for its new alternative to CE marking, the UKCA mark.

The deadline to apply the UKCA mark to products in the UK was originally January 2022, but this has now been moved to January 2023, while medical equipment marking will be delayed until July 2023. This allows CE marked equipment to continue to be sold in the UK without change until then. Northern Ireland will continue to use the CE mark.

Companies exporting their products to the rest of the EU, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Turkey will still need to apply the CE mark, as the UKCA mark has no international recognition, even though it is essentially the same.

More information can be found on the UK government website:
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The new UK alternative to CE

Vertikal Comment

This always seemed like pure dogma, given that the world is moving ever closer in terms of standards and product certifications. But the UK government has decided that it needs to do its own thing, hardly ‘Global Britain’. The additional hassle, burden and cost for UK manufacturers makes no sense whatsoever, particularly in these challenging times. In addition, I cannot imagine how much this unnecessary move is also costing taxpayers.

Surely it would have made more sense to have followed Switzerland, Norway Iceland, or even Turkey and continue to participate in the CEN process and accept the widely recognised and well thought out CE mark? After all, the UK played a key role in establishing it, and was the most active and influential participant when it came to setting and determining the individual standards that are referenced.

It would make far far more sense to simply cancel this pointless move altogether, rather than just delaying it another year.