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First AC 7.450-1 goes to Wiesbauer

German crane and heavy transport specialist Wiesbauer has taken delivery of the very first seven axle Tadano AC 7.450-1 All Terrain crane. The delivery follows its order by managing director Thomas Wiesbauer who signed a “letter of intent” on a napkin shortly after learning about the crane in September 2019.

Launched as the 450 tonne/class Demag AC 450-7 last year, the now renamed Tadano AC 7.450-1 can handle 450 tonnes at 2.5 metres radius 'with extra equipment' and features a seven section 80 metre main boom plus a wide range of extensions that can be built up from eight to 70 metres with partial offsets of up to 40 degrees. Additionally, there is a 24 to 81 metre luffing jib that can be mounted on a 47.3 metre main boom to provide a maximum tip height of 135 metres. The new machine also features the company’s new SSL Sideways Superlift design concept.
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The big handover

Offering similar dimensions as six axle cranes, the AC 450-7 has an overall carrier length of 15.99 metres, with a travel length of 17.62 metres, and an outrigger spread of 8.49 metres. It can be configured for 12 or 16.5 tonne axle loads complete with main boom, and offers a travel weight of less than 48 tonnes if the boom is removed. All seven axles steer while axles two, three, six and seven are driven.
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(L-R) Jan Wieser and Frank Schröder of Tadano with Florian Wiesbauer and Sabine Wiesbauer, plus Tadashi Suzuki and Michael Zieger of Tadano

Junior manager Florian Wiesbauer, said: “To put it simply, the Tadano AC 7.450-1 fills a gap that no other manufacturer has filled to date. After acquiring the crane division of Florian Herbold, we are now the largest crane rental company in Baden-Württemberg. And, of course, that means we also need big cranes such as the AC 7.450-1. That’s why it’s really great to have a solid and reliable partner like Tadano on our side as we expand the business.”
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The Tadano AC 7.450-1 has an 80m boom but is said to be as compact as a six axle crane

Tadano Europe chief executive Tadashi Suzuki, added: “The fact that a large, renowned company like Wiesbauer decided to buy the very first model of our Tadano AC 7.450-1 and blaze the trail should get the attention of the entire industry. We’re not only proud of that, but also of our new crane per se.”

Established in 1958, Wiesbauer operates a fleet of around 80 cranes from seven locations throughout Baden-Württemberg. Based in Bietigheim-Bissingen it employs 160.