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Second all electric Maeda

The prototype of a new Maeda electric powered spider crane, the 2.98 tonne MC305CB-3 is on the on the Kranlyft stand ready for the opening of Vertikal Days tomorrow.

Joining the electric powered MC285C-3 launched last year, the MC305CB-3 features a five section main boom which can handle 790kg at height of 12.5 metres and 260 at its maximum radius of 12.16 metres. The crane can handle its maximum capacity at a radius of 2.5 metres.

Power comes from 55 volt 180Ah lithium-ion battery pack provides up to 14 hours lifting operations and can be fully charged in 4.5 hours, or to 80 percent in three. White tracks come as standard while black tracks are optional. It can also be ordered with radio remote controls, a single fall hook as well as 850kg and 1,500kg searcher hooks.
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The electric powered Maeda MC305CB-3

The crane offers an overall length of 4.19 metres, a height of 1.68 and a width of 1.28 metres. It also offers multiple outrigger positions with a maximum outrigger footprint of 4.8 by 4.5 metres. Total weight is 3,925kg.

Deliveries are expected for the start of next year.
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