JLG goes 360

JLG is to add 360 degree telehandlers manufactured by Dieci to its product range, starting with three models: the 20 metre/6,000kg R1370, the 24.1 metre/6,000kg R1385 and the 30 metre/5,000kg R11100. Or for our readers in the USA those measurements are: 67.3ft/13,200lbs, 85ft/13,200lbs and 100ft/11,000lbs respectively.

The JLG machines will be based on Dieci's latest Pegasus models, the 60.21, the 50.25 - the JLG version will have 1,000kg more capacity - and the Pegasus 45.30. JLG will offer a suite of 13 attachments for these new models, which are likely to include a variety of forks and carriages, a hoist or winch, several work platform attachments and several jib and hook options.
The Dieci Pegasus 60.21 is likely to become the JLG R1370

Vice president of telehandler engineering, Rogerio dos Santos, said: “JLG is delighted to partner with a like minded innovator like Dieci to develop its line of rotating telehandlers for North America. With industry leading design engineers around the globe collaborating on this effort, the resulting product line is expected to exceed both the quality and performance standards customers have come to expect from both companies.”

“Traditional telehandlers can lift and extend loads directly in front of them, whereas rotating handlers can lift, extend and swing 360 degrees, adding a new layer of functionality during operation. In some applications, rotary telehandlers can even be used in place of three individual machines – a traditional telehandler for telescoping, an aerial work platform for use of a platform and as an off-road crane to handle suspended loads.”
JLG will bring a range of 13 attachments, including a wide range or work platforms

Dieci chief executive Ciro Correggi, added: “The partnership between Dieci and JLG to build rotary telehandlers marks the coming together of two global market leaders in the telehandler space. We are proud of our manufacturing history and success in Europe with this product and pleased to partner with a company of JLG’s calibre to bring it to North American customers. Customers can expect machines that are ready to tackle a multitude of job site tasks, backed by JLG’s warranty, parts and service expertise.”

The three JLG machines will be available within the next two to three months, with deliveries beginning early next year.

Vertikal Comment

This move follows JCB’s entry into the 360 degree market last year, both companies had said in earlier times that the 360 degree market was of no interest as it was very much a niche market. Dieci has a long history of building/badging specialist models for other manufacturers. It had a long term arrangement to build Bobcat's 360 degree models, but that came to an end at the end of last year when Bobcat switched to Magni. Dieci has also built compact models for Ahern’s Xtreme Manufacturing, and New Holland (see: New Holland goes compact), as well as heavy duty/high capacity models for Haulotte - see: Haulotte to launch heavy duty telehandlers.

At the same time, JLG has a successful record of forming badging partnerships with southern European manufacturers. It has been selling JLG badged Hinowa spider lifts since 2010 (see: JLG enters the spider lift market) and more recently started selling ultra-compact telehandlers built by Spanish manufacturer Ausa - see: Ausa to build JLG telehandlers. Dieci and JLG have a similar proactive approach/attitude to partnerships and OEM supply strategies, so this new partnership could work very well for both of them.

The market for 360 degree telehandlers has grown substantially in recent years, spurred on by Ricardo Magni’s entry into the market with his own brand. Magni has made a substantial impact in the US market, possibly overtaking both Manitou and Merlo to become 360 degree market leader. While it remains a niche market sector, in the US - as everywhere else - you can expect the recent growth in volume to accelerate as Manitou introduces its new models and JLG gets started, which is also likely to encourage JCB to launch in North America, all of which is likely to encourage Don Ahern to introduce a 360 Xtreme, either an original product or a badged model.

Additional reading: Cranes & Access published a short interview with Ciro Correggi in late 2005 - Click here to access it.


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