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Who needs a harness when you have hi-viz?

Spotted earlier this week in Southampton, UK, a man in a self-drive truck mounted lift with little regard to some key safety measures, but there again he is wearing a hi-viz vest so will probably be fine!

In the words of our correspondent: “Just witnessed this xxxx with no harness, no warning signs for pedestrians etc... in Ocean village Southampton.”

Hopefully he was able to stop and warn him, but most people we know who have done so simply get abuse and even threats of physical harm, so all too often they understandable leave them to it.
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In addition to the lack of a harness, he has not bothered to use outrigger mats, even though he is setting up on the pavement /sidewalk and he does not appear to have any warnings for pedestrians walking underneath.

Credit where credit is due, he has done a half decent job at cordoning off from the traffic, and the machine he is using, a CTE ZED 20 from the Smart Rent fleet, has zero tailswing, so at least something positive.

Have a safe weekend.


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