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Focus30 completes first job

Mammoet’s 2,500 tonne class Focus30 crane has completed its first job, a refinery lift in the UK.

First announced in 2019, the Focus30 has been designed to carry out heavy lifts in confined spaces, such as refineries or inner cities. Its boom sections are added at the base and jacked up vertically, allowing the full boom to be erected within its own footprint. Assembly is said to take approximately 14 days.
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Mammoet’s new Focus30 completed its first job in a confined refinery in the UK

As part of its first job, the crane performed a top and tail lifting operation of a vessel in tandem with a 500 tonne All Terrain crane. The company said the new crane was able to help reduce disruption during the scheduled turnaround activity at the refinery compared with using a conventional crawler crane, which requires large 'laydown areas’ in order to assemble its boom.
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It carried out the lift in tandem with a 500 tonne All Terrain crane

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The Focus30 is able to erect its boom within its own footprint