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2,000t spreader beam

Dutch lifting equipment rental company Safe Lifting Europe has taken delivery of the first 2,000 tonne Modulift MOD 1100/2000 modular spreader beam.

Launched earlier this year, the MOD 1100/2000 is the largest modular spread beam offered by Modulift, offering spans from three to 33 metres in 500mm increments and featuring two end drop links rated to 1,000 tonnes.
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Modulift’s largest spreader beam on its first job

Its first job was to assist with the installation of a bridge in Dover, UK. It was transported from Safe Lifting’s yard in Vlaardingen to Rotterdam, before being shipped to the UK. The beam was then used with Bonn & Mees' 1,800 tonne Matador 3 sheerlegsfloating crane to lift large sections of the bridge, and was also combined with two 400 tonne Modulift MOD 400 spreader beams for smaller sections of the lift.
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The 2,000t MOD 1100/2000 combined with two 400t Modulift MOD 400 spreader beams

Giovani Vroegop, Safe Lifting Europe technical commercial manager, said: “It was incredible to see the new MOD 1100/2000 spreader beam up in the air for the first time. The team at Modulift did a great job with the design and manufacture of the beam. The sheer size of the beam can only be really appreciated when you’re up close, it really is huge. Our team and Bonn & Mees Floating Cranes worked meticulously hard to ensure the lift was a success.”

John Baker, Modulift commercial director, added: “We were delighted to be a part of this success and look forward to seeing the MOD 1100/2000 being used in many more lifts in the future. Part of the project to supply this ‘beast’ of a beam, required Modulift’s compressive test bed to be extended to 33 metres and increased in capacity to 2,300 tonnes, which was quite a project in itself! The MOD 1100 /2000 spreader beam really is impressive to see and our in-house engineering team are already looking at further opportunities with Safe Lifting in the super heavy lifting market. Watch this space.”