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Potain upgrades EU facilities

Potain has upgraded its European production facilities in France, Portugal and Italy.

The 150,000 square metre facility in Charlieu, France, is responsible for its Igo T self-erecting cranes, manufacturing components for its European and Asian ranges and reconditioning used cranes as part of its EnCore programme. The facility has now added an additional production line for 2.45 metre pivots for top slewing tower cranes, while also adding volume setting tools and an automated submerged welding process.
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The new automated submerged welding machine at Charlieu

At the Moulins facility - the company’s second in France - it has replaced its old tube cutting line with a new 35 metre long by 11 metre wide automated line. It has also added new bespoke tooling for the mass production of 3.33 metre regular and five metre K mast sections.
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Moulins’ new tube cutting line

In Portugal, increased production volumes in MCT and MDT Topless City tower cranes at its Baltar facility has seen its welding and assembly halls extended, as well as the indoor and outdoor storage areas. As a result the plant now has more than 18,000 square metres of covered area on the 11 acre/4.3 hectare site. The facility has also installed a high performance machining centre, replacing two ageing machines, to produce large mechanically welded elements, such as its cab masts and pivots.
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A machining centre for cab masts at the Baltar factory

Finally, a new building has been built at the company’s facility in Niella Tanaro, Italy, which produces its Potain Igo, Igo M, Hup and Hup M self-erecting cranes. The new structure is dedicated to crane transport axles. It has also added a new stitching area to test finished products, improved its paint line and redesigned its logistics flow for shipments.
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The new axle production building at Niella Tanaro

Christophe Simoncelli, senior vice president for Potain Europe, said: “These are just a few examples of how Potain is leading the way in the production of tower cranes. The investments and changes also highlight the extent to which The Manitowoc Way methodology of continuous improvement has become the daily tool through which we are delivering greater quality and efficiency.”
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Potain’s European facilities offer a combined footprint of 400,000 square metres