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XCMG 25t hybrid is ready

Chinese manufacturer XCMG is ready to start shipping its new 25 tonne hybrid truck crane, the XCT25_EV.

The full specification has yet to be published/made available, so the information we have is no different to what we had back in May when the company first announced it - see: XCMG unveils 25t hybrid truck crane. But it says that since then the reception has been very positive, so it has moved on to the production stage.

The crane features a five section 34.5 metre main boom, which is considerably shorter than the five section boom on its regular 25 tonne truck crane. It also features a 9.5 metre swingaway extension for a maximum tip height in the region of 46 metres.
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XCMG’s new XCT25-EV hybrid

Power comes from a diesel engine in the chassis, plus an electric power pack. Both power packs can run the entire crane - the superstructure and the chassis. XCMG says that the machine can be operated as an all diesel powered unit, an all battery powered machine, or as plug in electric model.

The company claims that this is the world’s first hybrid truck crane, and follows Zoomlion’s pure electric powered truck crane.

Maximum road speed is 95kph, with a range of 800 kilometres when using a combination of diesel and battery power. Recharging time with a high power charger is 1.5 hours, although the crane can top up the batteries on the road when running the diesel engine.

The announcement came in the form of the short video below: