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Four Spierings eLifts for van Grinsven

Dutch crane rental and industrial moving company van Grinsven has taken delivery of four new Spierings eLift hybrid mobile self-erecting tower cranes.

The order consists of three, seven tonne SK597-AT4 eLifts and a 10 tonne SK1265-AT6 eLift. The four axle SK597-AT4 offers a maximum lift height of 58 metres and 48 metre radius, while the six axle SK1265-AT6 offers a 64 metre lift height and 60 metre radius. All four have been delivered over the past six months, replacing some relatively young cranes in its fleet as the company looks to take advantage of the growing demand for more environmentally friendly cranes.

The new cranes are able to work as pure electric machines where a 16 amp or higher electrical outlet is available. The power passes thorough a battery pack which allows the crane to work from a range of power supplies. Where power is not available a small onboard generator can be used - see: Spierings ships first eLift cranes.
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The four new cranes are handed over

Director Marco van Grinsven said: "It was last year during the first Covid period that I went to Spierings in Oss to look at the development of the hybrid solution that they had recently introduced to the market. When I made my visit, I had no intention to purchase any new Spierings cranes, but I did want to see if the concept could also be used for loader cranes. I was immediately convinced about the concept and the possibilities for the future. A battery in combination with either a small construction power connection of 16 to 32 amps or a very small diesel engine with generator. After the visit I was so enthusiastic and convinced of this concept that two weeks later I exchanged some of our young mobile crane fleet for four new eLift cranes with battery."

“I am surprised that manufacturers have waited so long electrify their cranes. There is still a very limited supply of these machines, while Spiering has proven that it is certainly possible."
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(L-R) Leo Spierings, Anita van Grinsven, Marco van Grinsven and Koos Spierings

Spierings chief executive Koos Spierings added: "We are very pleased to deliver three new four axle and a new six axle crane to van Grinsven Kraanverhuur. This makes them the first Dutch crane rental company with four of these hybrid machines in their fleet. The used machines, which were relatively young, that van Grinsven has traded in have all found a destination elsewhere in Europe.”

“At this moment we have delivered more than 60 eLift cranes and almost our entire order book consists of this type of crane. It indicates that we have made the right choice in 2019 with the development of the eLift concept. The technology, which is largely the result of our City Boy concept, has been gratefully applied here.”

Established over 50 years ago, van Grinsven is based in Schaijk, south west of Nijmegen, and runs a fleet of mobile cranes from 35 to 200 tonnes. It also has a loader crane fleet, mobile self erecting tower cranes, spider and pick & carry cranes, plus a heavy haulage fleet as part of its industrial moving division.